Water Services Management

The Water Services Management Approach

The WSM group adheres to a critical instrumentalist approach to water services management.

The WSM group connects the domains of academia and the practitioners/policy makers active in the field of water and sanitation services.

This means that the group realizes the importance of designing and applying tools and practices geared to solving water services provisioning challenges.

At the same time the group critically engages with these tools/practices and practitioners with the aim of better understanding the working and impacts of service modalities on users and the environment. 

    Ultimately, the goal is that this critical engagement leads to improved water service provisioning resulting in:

    • enhanced level of services for consumers
    • broader protection of (environmental) resources. 
    This approach means that the group particularly pursues applied action research and capacity development activities.

    It preferably undertakes its projects in cooperation with international water sector organizations (service providers, NGOs, government organizations, etc.), development agencies, knowledge and research institutes and other partner.

    The WSM group approach also seeks to blend both research and capacity development in projects. Research for the group can provide feed back and accompanying capacity development activities as much as capacity development projects are also used for undertaking research.