Water Services Management


Akosua Boakye Ansah, MSC. PhD fellow.

Akosua Sarpong Boakye- Ansah from Ghana was the runner-up of the Africa Thesis Award 2015, for her thesis 'Inequalities in drinking water quality in Urban Areas: A case study of Lilongwe, Malawi'. The thesis aims to improve our understanding of the socio-environmental dynamics of drinking water quality in cities in the Global South. The interdisciplinary nature of the thesis with mentors from two different chair groups and backgrounds (Maria Rusca: Integrated Water Systems and Governance and Giuliana Ferrero: Environmental Engineering and Water Technology) presents a good interdepartmental cooperation in the institute. Ms. Boakye-Ansah graduated in April with distinction in Water Management at IHE Delft.

Akosua is now doing PhD research. The title of her PhD research is: Performance Enhancement of Water utilities in Kenya through benchmarking, collective learning and innovative financing (PEWAK). The PEWAK project, which involves 25 cities and urban centres in Kenya, aims at improving the performance of Water Service Providers (WSPs) in Kenya with particular emphasis on pro-poor strategies.

Andrés Cabrera Flamini, MSC. Lecturer in Water Service Management.

Andrés Cabrera, as Lecturer in WSM, is engaged in research and capacity development through projects in developing countries, and in coordinating and providing lectures related to sustainability, community management, and humanitarian approaches in water services management. With 5 years of working experience in a developing country, 3 of which were focused in the national coordination of WASH services through the largest humanitarian organization, his area of expertise include the organizational and technical aspects of disaster management. Additionally, he has developed and implemented various training courses in technical and community engagement processes for volunteers and government employees.      

Elisa Savelli, MSC. Junior Lecturer in Water Service Management

Elisa Savelli is a project manager, master graduated in Engineering Management with more than three years’ experience in leading International WASH projects. She also recently graduated at IHE Delft where she got her second Master degree in Water Management with a thesis about the impacts of current development policies in the WASH sector. Presently, she collaborates with the IHE Delft Water Supply Systems and Governance Department as Junior Lecturer.

Her main area of expertise concerns the provision of water and sanitation services in developing countries. In particular she has been involved in researches on pro-poor water services and policy implementation in East Africa and she has managed water, sanitation and hygiene interventions in West Africa.

Klaas Schwartz PHD, MSC. Associate Professor on Urban Water Governance.

Klaas Schwartz is the Head of the Water service management group. His main research interests concern the reform of public water utilities, service provisioning to low-income areas (‘pro-poor services’) and informal water services provisioning. In his work on utility reform and water provisioning in low-income areas, a strong emphasis is placed on trying to understand the provisioning of services from the perspective of service provider (the utility or informal provider) and how these decisions impact access to water services by different users.

Klaas Schwartz has been involved in research, education and training activities in the field of water services management and governance in various countries in Asia, Africa, Europe and Latin America. In addition to his position at IHE Delft, he is a visiting researcher at the Amsterdam Institute for Social Science Research of the University of Amsterdam.

Mireia Tutusaus Luque, MSC. Lecturer in Water Service Management.

Mireia Tutusaus is a Lecturer in Water Services Management in the Department of Integrated Water Systems and Governance at the IHE Delft Institute for Water Education. Ms.  Tutusaus over 5 years of experience in the private sector in banking and heavy industry and over two years experience in education and training relating to the field of Water Services and Management. Her main area of expertise is small-scale water service provision in urban areas. Her interests in this field include small providers usually referred to as 'informal providers' providing services, mainly, in the peri-urban of big cities as well as private sector or municipal operators in smaller urban areas (small towns or secondary cities). She implements research related to the suitability and adaptability of these systems to these realities in managerial and governance terms, while engaging in issues of economic development and urbanization. She is the coordinator of Finance in the Water Sector and assists in the coordination and lecturing in other courses in the Master of Science Programme in Water Management. She has been involved in research, education and training activities in the field of Water Services in various countries in Asia and Africa.